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Linden Jane

A new soft furnishing trend usually results in many of us having identical items in our homes. I rather like to be different and dare I say it, unique!

As a result each bedspread I produce is unique. Similarities may exist but no two bedspreads will be identical. The dimensions of each bedspread vary slightly as each one has been individually designed. However they all look splendid on double or king-sized beds.

Batik sellerI fell in love with Batik pictures when in The Gambia. The first one I purchased came from the Bird Safari Camp in Georgetown - a few hundred kilometres in land. I bought it mainly as a momento after being capsized in the river in one of their boats! Now I tour the market stalls and factories, both in The Gambia and Senegal, for these stunning pictures.

Herero LadyWe also travel extensively in Namibia and I will shortly be showing you some exciting designs from various different regions within this fascinating and diverse country.
I bought several ochre coloured fabrics from this lovely Herero lady in Opuwo, a small town in the far north of Namibia where many Herero and Himba people live.




Temple ArtOur trips to Egypt have been immensely inspirational.

I have tried to capture something of the beautiful tomb paintings and hieroglyphics we saw in the Valley of the Kings.

These designs have been handpainted on to fabrics purchased from Egypt and various other sources around the world.